((It was fun while it lasted, but this blog will be discontinued :( It was great replying to your asks and do all the shenanigans but I have to move on and focus on other things!
Thank you all!! <33
You can still find me at hubedihubbe, but please don’t bomb me with things about this blog. Thank you!))

Would... would you like to go out on a date with me?

I have to deal with some stuff at the moment!

Hey Peter, are you going to give her your presents yet? I'm sure she'd love them :)

I can’t do this.

So... wait? Did Liechtenstein let her hair grow? Or do you have a crush on Rapunzel?

How DARE you

hon hon hon~ I hear you have a little crush, yes? A portrait of the beautiful mademoiselle always seems to do the trick for me~

This will do!

Just tell that person you care about them and show your affection like you show your affection towards your mom or dad or both. And here have a choco bar.

You mean I should draw her a picture too?

Could you ask your mama for advice? On second thought, he might play matchmaker and try to get you and the lucky person on a surprise date~ x3

No no no no mum and dad can’t know anything!!

You should wear something that makes you look extra handsome!

I’m not allowed to wear my own suit outside weddings and other celebrations…

I’ll take mums.

Who do you like? Is it Liechtenstein? If so you should give her flowers and a very cute stuffed animal! And watch out for her brother!!

I- I won’t say!! But okay, flowers, that’s a good one I guess.